RDG Concessions provides wholesale luggage and travel accessories for international travelers. Under our brand names, Pacific Outfitters Travel Gear (POTG), Maya Reyes, K.Rae, Landing Field, and RG Sports we have sold merchandise for over 15 years to customers at our travel gear stores in three international airports: San Francisco, Indianapolis and Tampa. Each brand that we maintain has a proven sales record at our store locations and through our wholesale division we offer companies the opportunity to acquire our brand merchandise at wholesale prices.

RDG Concessions launched in 1999 when CEO and Founder Ralph Glenn, a former Vice President of Operations for Duty Free Shoppers (DFS), realized there was an increasing need for specialized travel gear stores for airport travelers, especially as travel restrictions increased. After 12 years with DFS, Ralph opened RDG Concessions using his experience managing airport retail operations in Alaska, Oregon, and California.


Our wholesale travel gear includes wholesale luggage sets, bulk wholesale backpacks, duffel bags, wholesale travel jackets, coats, bulk wholesale tote bags, messenger bags, bulk wholesale wallets, scarves, neck pillows, blankets, ear plugs, eye masks, and other travel accessories.

Unmatched Price Point

RDG Wholesale offers wholesale buyers an unmatched price point on wholesale travel gear and accessories, since we buy direct and pass on the cost-savings directly to you. By offering high-quality, thoroughly-tested wholesale travel products at the lowest price point in the industry, RDG has experienced yearly double-digit sales increases in our retail stores and secured numerous contracts with retail chains and airport stores for our wholesale luggage sets, wholesale travel backpacks, wholesale travel jackets and more.

On-Time Delivery

We have built a reputation with our wholesale clients for delivering orders of our wholesale travel gear on-time, without product defects. Our commitment to customer service compels us to perfect the retail side by staffing our stores with a well-trained, multilingual team of professionals who are compensated with awards and a competitive salary package. We offer you—our customer—a combination of high-quality travel gear, management experience, sales and distribution expertise, and exceptional customer service.


We love to travel and believe every traveler deserves custom-designed travel gear for their trip.

Ralph Glenn

Ralph Glenn


Ralph Glenn, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, possesses four decades of successful experience in the retail and food and beverage industries. A former Vice President of Operations for Duty Free Shoppers, Ralph went on to form RDG Concessions in 1999. He has since spearheaded developing, building, maintaining, and operating airport retail companies specializing in high-end watches, sunglasses, and quality travel gear in locations throughout airports in San Francisco, Indianapolis, and Tampa. Strategic, proactive, and business-minded, Ralph tailors RDG brand name merchandise to appeal to any traveler looking for great quality at affordable prices.

Mariano Reyes-Ward

Mariano Reyes-Ward

Warehouse/Fulfillment Manager

Mariano Reyes-Ward manages the warehouse and fulfillment operations of RDG, ensuring that every product is delivered to every customer in the most efficient way possible. Mariano spent over a decade in the warehouse/fulfillment industry working for such companies as Pepsi and Wine.com before joining RDG Concessions in 2006. Mariano’s key role with inventory management has helped RDG Concessions achieve a consistently high on-time delivery of our wholesale luggage to customers.

Jan Carlo

Jan Carlo

eCommerce Director

Jan is the eCommerce Director. He makes sure that our travel-loving customers are happy by fulfilling their orders, providing great customer service and posting to our social media. He loves traveling and is a big fan of pop culture (theatre, music, movies and TV).